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Emerging standards such as SOAP will enable a new generation of "web services" that allow systems to make remote procedure calls to other systems over the Internet. For example, a corporate inventory management sytem might publish a service that allows a customer system to check real-time inventory levels. This site lists publicly accessible web services.  
  • New web services tutorial for Borland Delphi posted in Getting Started
  • XMethods now has a UDDI interface built using GLUE.
        A UDDI browser can be found at SQLData
  • Brian Berns has integrated XFS with Windows.
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  • SOAP Service List
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      Owner     Service Name Description Server
    EarthConnect       Galapagos Financial Web Service   Commercial financial web service   MS .NET
    iternum       Action Planning   Calendaring/todo service for action planning   Apache
    1outBox       Send FAX   Fax transmission service   SOAPLite
    anis       se project   Lists zip codes within specified distance   MS .NET
    Bob Swart       Euro Conversion   Converts Euros to the 12 Euro-participating currencies and back.   Kylix
    Matthijs Hoekstra       Dutch Zipcode lookup   Addresses by zipcode in the Netherlands.   MS .NET
    dpchiesa       ZipToCityState   Retrieves valid City+State pairs for a given US Zip Code.   MS .NET
    Bassel Issa       Text translater Ar <-> Eng   English/Arabic translator.   MS .NET
    Aravind Corera       Book Price Comparison Service   Compares book prices across a variety of vendors.   MS .NET
    Wayne de Villiers       MensHealth Daily Tip (South Africa Edition)   Health Tip database   MS .NET
    West Wind Tech.       FoxCentral   News service for the FoxPro community.   Visual FoxPro
    Bassel Issa       English , French , Arabic Dictionary   Translation service and dictionary.   MS .NET
    iternum       Advanced Travel Service   Service aggregation demo.   Apache
    lamaan.com       Quran Verse   Retrieve a verse of the Qur'an in English or Arabic   MS .NET
    Shiv Kumar       Session Broker Service   Session state store   Delphi
    Peter McMahon       Biorhythm Generator   Generates daily biorhythm   MS .NET
      Sergey Kats       Credit Card Validation   Credit card validator.   MS .NET
      Sergey Kats       ZipCodeLookup   Lists zip codes within specified distance   MS .NET
      Kazoo       XKazooClasses   Kazoo scheduled training classes   Kylix
      ElevenProspect       XML Content Management   XML Content Management System   Apache
      Lucin       SMS   Send SMS text messages, ringtones and operator logos.   MS .NET
      VGL Softech       VSLStocknForex   Nasdaq quotes and foreign exchange rates   MS .NET
      Robert van Engelen       Linear Systems Solver   Solves dense linear systems   SOAP Stub Compiler
      Xara       Xara NavBar Generator   Xara NavBar Generator   MS Soap
      NativeCode       Word Service   Dictionary lookups.   Delphi
      J. Darmawan       Prime Generator   Generate a prime number list   Delphi
      P. Rigatos       TakisActiveLib   Get Used Cars From http://www.AutoHellas.gr   MS SOAP
      BOV AG       Periodic table   Gets element information from the periodic table.   Spheon JSOAP
      Yasser Shohoud       Weather Conditions   Temperature and weather conditions.   MS .NET
      PerfectXML       SearchMusicTeachers   Locates music teachers by zip code.   MS .NET
      Circle24 Tech       Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) Calculator   Calculates Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI)   MS .NET
      codecube       XRE Online   XML-based rules engine   MS .NET
      eBizPortals       Hertz-Car-Reserve   Rent a car at Hertz.   Apache
      xmlrad.com       WSAlerter   Subscribe to user-defined events   XMLRAD
      xmlrad.com       WSGenerator   Generate a unique incremental ID.   XMLRAD
      BOV AG       isPrimeNumber   Prime Number tester   Spheon JSOAP
      BOV AG       getStatistics   Average and standard deviation calculator   Spheon JSOAP
      eBizPortals       Google-groups   Get today's postings made in a news group.   Apache
      Ken Otto       Sun/Moon rise and set data   Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset   Delphi
      eBizPortals       DNS Lookup (Document style soap)   Document-style SOAP webservice for DNS lookup.   custom
      EMBL-EBI       XEMBL   Retrieves Nucleotide Sequence(s) and accociated information.   SOAPLite
      ARTech       GxChart   Chart generator.   MS Soap
      DSTC Pty Ltd       GUID Dictionary Service   GUID Generator   MS .NET
      xmlrad.com       WSFindMP3   Find MP3 on xmlrad.com   XMLRAD
      Mark Fearon       Mapservice   Web service to create GIS maps and overlays   MS .NET
      ServiceFORGE       ServiceFORGE_Lite   Service usage monitoring   Apache
      Robert van Engelen       Magic Squares   Returns a magic square of a given rank.   SOAP Stub Compiler
      PerfectXML       SalesRankNPrice   Sales Rank and Price for online bookstores.   MS .NET
      DSTC Pty Ltd       UDDI Proxy Service   Provides a SOAP RPC interface to basic UDDI functions   MS .NET
      iSay       iSay Servicability Calculator   Servicability calculator for Australian lenders   SOAPLite
      eByz       eByz Verification Center   NY Professional Licenses Database   Tomcat
      eByz       eByz Corporate Search   Corporate information database   Tomcat
      Mike Iem       Credit Card Validation   Credit card validator   MS .NET
      EraServer.NET       ZipCode Resolver   Provides zip code information for a US address   MS .NET
      Michael Neumann       Markov Algorithm Evaluator   Applies Markov rules to a start symbol   SOAP4R
      iternum       Blog   Personal web log service.   Apache
      Matthew Daniel       Microsoft Newsgroup Reader   Read Microsoft Newsgroups   Apache
      Tankebolaget AB       Captain Haddock Curser   Multilingual curse generator   Delphi
      Tankebolaget AB       Modulus Checker   Validator for the 10-modulus algorithm   Delphi
      EraServer.NET       MXChecker   Checks for valid DNS MX records.   MS .NET
      Luhala Group       Glossary   Provides noun definitions and synonyms.   SOAPLite
      TerraSeek       GPS Web Service   On-line GIS model for the US   Apache
      Rajeev Sakhuja       Java Question Service   Interface to the Java Question Bank   Apache
      Ni-Frith Media Sys       Online Messenger Service   Online instant-messaging service   custom
      Xara       Xara 3D graphics generator   3d Text graphics generator   MS Soap
      Infobiquity       Health Care Provider Search   Locates Healthcare providers in USA   MS .NET
      Allesta       Yahoo User Ping   Yahoo user presence info   SOAPx4
      Dave Bhatia       Area Code / Country Code Lookup   Reverse lookup of US Area codes and International Country codes.   Delphi
    Infobiquity       NearestTileDealer   This Methods provides telescopic positioning of Nearest Tile Dealer based on Zip...   MS .NET
      eByz       Ampent Lease Calculator   monthly lease payment calculator   Tomcat
      Bob Swart       Dr.Bob's Programming Clinic Headlines   News headlines on six topics.   Delphi
      PILLAR       Date Time Requestor Service   Date/Time service   Delphi
      Bob Swart       Number To Words (in Dutch)   Converts Numbers to Dutch words   Delphi
      Bob Swart       Romulan Numbers XLII   Convert roman numbers <-> digital numbers   Delphi
      Bob Swart       Tic Tac Toe   The game of Tic-Tac-Toe   Delphi
      QualTech IT       CEPInfo   Brazilian post office zip code (CEP) info   Delphi
      Seanco       ElectronicProductsFinder   Electronics product finder.   MS .NET
      Seanco       VideoGamesFinder   Video game product finder.   MS .NET
      Seanco       SportingGoodsFinder   Sporting goods product finder.   MS .NET
      Seanco       XMLDailyFact   XML factoid updated daily.   MS .NET
      Seanco       dotNETDailyFact   .NET factoid updated daily.   MS .NET
      Seanco       CustomNewsFeedinXMLFormat   Web service interface to Moreover News Service.   MS .NET
      Cape Clear       AirportWeather   Current Airport Weather Conditions   CapeConnect
      John Lehmann       ZipCodes   Validates US and US Territory zip codes.   MS .NET
      iternum       translation service   German <-> English translation.   Apache
      Abysal       SendEmail   Send an email   Abysal-webDTP
      Techmetrix       Techmine's latest publications   Techmetrix publications.   Apache
      QualTech IT       SampleInterbaseWS   Example of access to database via SOAP.   Delphi
      Vivek Anumolu       immigrationnews-service   Recent News on Immigration   Apache
      QualTech IT       Trigonometric Functions   Trigonometric function library.   Delphi
      ActiveState       BabelAdvogato   Retrieves articles from Advogato.org.   PerlEx
      ActiveState       StockQuotePlus   Stock quote with currency conversion   PerlEx
      ActiveState       Perl Package Checker   Queries ActiveState's Package State Database   PerlEx
      Spreeweb Berlin       UnitConverter   Converts between units of measure   Shinka
      Shinka Tech       DNS Lookup Service   DNS resolver   Shinka
      Compkarori       Discordian   Converts dates   REBOL
      Cape Clear       PolyCalc   Calculates the area of a polygon   CapeConnect
      Itera       Jabber Messenger   Sends a message through the jabber IM service.   Apache
      Tom Chamberlain       Numbers to Words   Convert Numbers to English, used for checks.   Delphi
      xmlcomponents.com       Calc   Simple calculator operations   XMLCLX
      VelociGen       Joke of the Day   Provides a random joke on each execution.   VelociGenX
      Dave Nottage       WordFind   Pattern matching word finder and anagram generator   Delphi
      VelociGen       Airline Fare Checker   Returns airfare/flight information.   VelociGenX
      Shiv Kumar       Who Is   Implementation of the whois protocol   Delphi
      Shiv Kumar       Send an Email   Email sender service   Delphi
      Shinka Tech       Euro Currency Converter   Converts money amounts between Euro currencies.   Shinka
      VelociGen       Real-Time Stock Quotes   Stock quotes   VelociGenX
      VelociGen       Babelfish Translation Server   Interface for Altavista's Babelfish Translation Service.   VelociGenX
      Nick Hodges       Shakespearean Insult Generator   Generates a Shakespearean inspired insult.   Delphi
      Shiv Kumar       Delphi ISAPI Tutorials   Interface to Delphi ISAP tutorials at Matlus site   Delphi
      Agni       Agni Find MP3   Finds MP3 files on the Internet.   Delphi
      Kazoo       Kazoo Training Classes   Kazoo Software training course schedule   Delphi
      IONA       Inch <-> Millimeter Converter   Converts inches <-> mm   XMLBus
      IONA       Electricity Calculator   Various electricity-related calculations   XMLBus
      idoox       rpmfind tool via SOAP   Retrieve RPM packages via SOAP   WASP
      Itera       BOVESPA Stock Quotes   São Paulo Stock Exchange(BOVESPA) delayed quotes   Apache
      Alan Bush M.T.       Alan Bush Compositions   Interface to the Alan Bush Compositions Database.   VicSoap
      Userland SW       xmlStorageSystem   Internet storage system for XML documents   Frontier
      Userland SW       MailToTheFuture   Sends your e-mail at a future date/time.   Frontier
      Userland SW       SOAPWare Manila Site   SOAP-based publishing based on Userland's Manila.   Frontier
      SQLData       Headline News   Last news coverage from various sources.   SQLData
      Prasad DV       Breaking News Service   News headlines from variety of news sites.   MS .NET
      Prasad DV       Prasad's Stock Quote Service   Stock quotes   MS .NET
      SQLData       EDGAR Search   Searches SEC's EDGAR database.   SQLData
      Phalanx       Hazard Maps   Maps of historic weather events by zipcode.   vbSOAP
      SQLData       SQLData's WHOIS   SOAP interface to the Internet domain registry.   SQLData
      SQLData       SOAP Web Search   SOAP Interface to major search engines.   SQLData
      lemurlabs       ITime   Provides Internet Time (ITime), as defined by Swatch.   Apache
      Simon Fell       whois   A SOAP version of the standard whois service   4s4c
      xmethods       XMethods Listings Service   SOAP Interface to the XMethods Services listings.   Apache
      lemurlabs       Fortune   This service will return XML formatted fortunes   Apache
      xmethods       FedEx Tracker   Access to FedEx Tracking information   SOAPLite
      xmethods       BabelFish   Interface for AltaVista's Babelfish service.   SOAPLite
      xmethods       XMethods Filesystem   Virtual Filesystem service with 1MB quota.   Apache
      xmethods       Weather - Temperature   Current temperature in a given U.S. zipcode region.   Apache
      xmethods       Barnes and Noble Price Quote   Returns price of a book at BN.com given an ISBN number.   Apache
      xmethods       Domain Name Checker   Checks whether a domain name is available or not.   GLUE
      xmethods       Currency Exchange Rate   Exchange rate between any two currencies.   GLUE
      xmethods       California Traffic Conditions   California highway conditions.   Apache
      xmethods       Delayed Stock Quote   20 minute delayed stock quote.   GLUE
      xmethods       eBay Price Watcher   Checks current bid price of an eBay auction.   Apache

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