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Microsoft Corporation - 0076B468-EB27-42E5-AC09-9955CFF462A3

Empowering people through great software - any time, any place and on any device is Microsofts vision. As the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing, we strive to produce innovative products and services that meet our customer's


The following contact details have been provided:

Name Usage notes Contact detail Detail usage notes
Corporate Mailing Addresses
Corporate Addresses and telephon 
 (425) 882-8080
Corporate Headquarters 
 Microsoft Corporation
 One Microsoft Way
 Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Corporate Headquarters 
Martin Kohlleppel
World Wide Operations
Technical Contact - Corporate UD 


Click on service name to see the full service details:
Name Description Service Key
UDDI Web Sites UDDI Registry Web Sites 86e46aad-82a5-454f-8957-381c2f724d6f
UDDI Web Services UDDI SOAP/XML message-based programmatic web service interfaces. 33c3d124-e967-4ab1-8f51-d93d95fac91a
Home Page Corporate Home Page 17b29861-2f33-402c-98f0-fd16cf5b8e9c
Online Shopping This site is designed to help you easily learn about and order Microsoft® software and hardware and Microsoft Press® titles that can enhance your computing. 491e8f93-e90f-42e3-a048-726744453659
Microsoft Developer Network MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network, is the essential resource for developers. MSDN developer programs make it easy to find timely, comprehensive development resources, including software subscription programs, technical information, Web sites, and conf 4de36949-e757-4de1-a3bd-b3f1d4350325
Technet TechNet provides in depth "how-to" technical information on Microsoft products as well as a chance to interact with peers — and Microsoft. You can access forums for sharing best practices with others and provide feedback directly to Microsoft regarding fu f9d39c6f-aa09-4c5c-bc7b-6b26b0ba016d
Volume Licensing Select Program The select program for volume licensing user guide for the Select CD application. 367df918-7d5e-4b00-8cf6-afe56367c2d6
Electronic Business Integration Services EBIS EDI information bd9b1a10-4668-42e9-ac69-d3da905c314d
Web services for smart searching These services provide support for smarter resolution of mistyped URLS for web sites. a97ef39e-853b-47bd-985a-1eb0fab7d342

  Business Identifiers   

Identifiers are pieces of data that are unique to an individual business e.g. a D-U-N-S® Number. These enable users of the registry to confirm the identity of a listed business.
Identifier type Name Value
D-U-N-S® Number D-U-N-S 08-146-6849

  Business classifications   

Classifications are pieces of data that classify the field of operation of a business or a service e.g. a geographic location or an industry sector. These enable users of the registry to confirm the relevance of a particular entry.
Classification Name Value
NAICS NAICS: Software Publisher 51121

  Discovery URLs   

Discovery URLs provide a location where details about a particular entity can be found.

Discovery URL Usage notes businessEntity

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