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My current passions are business architecture, enterprise architecture          
and integration between heterogeneous platforms.         
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      Cloud / S+S
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      Cloud / S+S
      Data Warehousing
      SOA / WCF
      Windows Server
      Business Architecture
      Cloud / S+S
      Ent Lib
      Enterprise Architecture
      J2EE & .NET
      SOA / WCF
  Lecturing Subjects
      Component Technology
      Distributed Applications


Migration from J2EE to .NET Seminar Notes (EDS)

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This seminar will give an insight to J2EE developers to Migrate to MS .NET platform. We will be leveraging Java and J2EE knowledge to expand our C# and .NET knowledge.  This seminar will concentrate on the following areas.

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1) Migration from Java to C# (To help Java developers to get familiar with C# concepts. The idea is to 'bridge' the gap between Java and C# code effectively) 

  • Comparison of J2EE & .NET Platforms.
  • Common concepts in both Java & C# 
  • Java concepts that are similar in C# but with significant differences
  • C# concept that are not in Java 
  • Java concepts that are not present in C#

2) C# / .NET best practices 

  • ASP. NET best practices 
  •  Web Form best practices  & Data Access Layer (DAL)
  •  Web Services best practices & Application Architecture best practices

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