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My current passions are business architecture, enterprise architecture          
and integration between heterogeneous platforms.         
  Skill Matrix

      Cloud / S+S
      Windows Server
      Cloud / S+S
      Data Warehousing
      SOA / WCF
      Windows Server
      Business Architecture
      Cloud / S+S
      Ent Lib
      Enterprise Architecture
      J2EE & .NET
      SOA / WCF
  Lecturing Subjects
      Component Technology
      Distributed Applications



Solutions Architect (App & Integration)
  Avanade Australia Canberra, ACT, Australia Apr 2005 - Feb 2008



Avanade is co-owned by Accenture (80%) and Microsoft (20%). Avanade acts as the ‘delivery’ arm of the Accenture’s large consulting engagements.

I am currently working on the Australian Taxation Office “Change Program Release 3” project. This AUD 400 million project will facilitate the tax needs of the Australian taxpayers. (general public, tax agents and businesses).

I am involved as the team leader for “Release 3 Interfaces” in this project. I am responsible for connecting 200 different modules (on Windows, mainframe & midrange running Windows, Unix and Java applications) using .NET XML Web services (on .NET framework 2.0), EAI (IBM Message Broker), ETL (Data Stage) and custom made communication mechanisms. I am also involved in formalizing and implementing the mid range (.NET) and main frame (Cobol modules, CICS & DB2) build process for Release 3.

We are currently using Accenture development Model (ADM) and Avanade Connected Architecture (ACA) methodologies. We will build .NET assemblies using VB.Net and use SQL Server (Yucon) as the Siebel back end. The most of the business logic will be written in Cobol. ASP.NET front end will communicate to the Cobol code using UI frameworks based on MS UIP design pattern. (User Interface application block based on Model, View, Controller architecture pattern).

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