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My current passions are business architecture, enterprise architecture          
and integration between heterogeneous platforms.         
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      Cloud / S+S
      Windows Server
      Cloud / S+S
      Data Warehousing
      SOA / WCF
      Windows Server
      Business Architecture
      Cloud / S+S
      Ent Lib
      Enterprise Architecture
      J2EE & .NET
      SOA / WCF
  Lecturing Subjects
      Component Technology
      Distributed Applications


Lecturing on Component Technology


Software Component Technologies:    Monash Uni   

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Traditional software development has centered on the creation of individual programs that perform a single task. More advanced environments, such as the Unix operating system, have allowed programs to be "piped" together to allow the functionality of one program to be reused by another. Recent advances in software development techniques have seen the creation of Component Technologies. Examples of such systems are COM and COM+ from Microsoft, CORBA from the Object Management Group and Java Beans from Sun Microsoft. These technologies allow small pieces of a program to be incorporated into other programs dynamically, allowing the programs to add and change their functionality as they execute. Designing and developing these components to achieve this level of interoperability is different from designing large monolithic programs. This subject will teach students how to develop reliable and robust components and how to use such systems when developing their own programs. ..........

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