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My current passions are business architecture, enterprise architecture          
and integration between heterogeneous platforms.         
  Skill Matrix

      Cloud / S+S
      Windows Server
      Cloud / S+S
      Data Warehousing
      SOA / WCF
      Windows Server
      Business Architecture
      Cloud / S+S
      Ent Lib
      Enterprise Architecture
      J2EE & .NET
      SOA / WCF
  Lecturing Subjects
      Component Technology
      Distributed Applications


Books on SOA


Pro WCF : Practical MS SOA Implementation:    Apress    [Jan 2007]

  This book explains Windows Communication Foundation (code name ‘Indigo’) from the SOA architecture perspective. It explains WCF as an evolution of SOA concepts; not as 'message bus' concept built on WinFx / Longhorn. The current online content / books do not address the following questions on WCF

1) Why is Indigo so important? What does it solve? (Evolution of SOA)
2) How does Indigo fits in with WebMethod's Fabric or SUN's JXTA to deliver 'true' SOA? Can we provide a real world example of this integration with code?
3) What does Indigo bring to the table? (Unified programming model, Reliable messaging, security, peer to peer programming model, queuing etc.)
4) Indigo best practices ..........


eBook - UDDI Runtime Programming Model:    Apress    [Mar 2002]

  UDDI has been widely accepted by the developer community as a means to list and integrate XML web services. Unfortunately, UDDI is still viewed as a yellow pages web service directory. This leads to the belief that UDDI can only be used at design time as a look up mechanism. However, UDDI's greatest value is as a runtime execution model. This article by Chris Peiris explores this concept and shows you how it can work to your advantage. ..........


Professional C# Web Services:    Wrox Press    [Dec 2001]

  Advance Topics - Using Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) to discover services. Registering web services with UDDI. Creating a ASP.NET UDDI browser with MS UDDI SDK 1.52

Covers the mechanics of building web services using C# pretty exhaustively. Will also look at ATL Server, as this is likely to be of interest to the readership of this book, even though it doesn't actually use C# . . ..........

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[Sir Winston Churchill]

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Professional C# Web Services
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