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My current passions are business architecture, enterprise architecture          
and integration between heterogeneous platforms.         
  Skill Matrix

      Cloud / S+S
      Windows Server
      Cloud / S+S
      Data Warehousing
      SOA / WCF
      Windows Server
      Business Architecture
      Cloud / S+S
      Ent Lib
      Enterprise Architecture
      J2EE & .NET
      SOA / WCF
  Lecturing Subjects
      Component Technology
      Distributed Applications


Seminars on SOA / WCF


Avanade toolset to assist Enterprise scale development:    VIC Gov    [May 2007]

  This session illustrates the Avanade toolset available for Enterprise clients. We explainedACA.NET, ACA Analytics, SOA Factory in detail (with code examples) during this session. We also highlighted the value proposition of Avanade Connected Method (ACM) as a software development methodology. ..........


MSDN Web cast - Avanade SOA offerings:    Microsoft    [Apr 2007]

  The objective of this web cast is to promote Avanade SOA products. ..........


MSDN Web cast - WCF Impact on the Enterprise:    Microsoft    [Apr 2007]

  In this session the Avanade authors of Pro WCF (Chris Peiris, Dennis Mulder, Shawn Cicoria & Amit Bahree) dive deep into the business benefits of implementing an SOA application with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF is a unified framework for the developing distributed applications. The presenters will discuss various topics that are related to any SOA Enterprise scale applications. They are Service enabling existing applications (VB6/COM+), How WCF complements Biztalk and ESB, Hosting options, Unified Programming Model, Queue Management & Guaranteed Delivery of messages, Transaction Support, Federated Security Model, Interoperability with other platforms (i.e. Axis 2) and Security options available. The presenters will also share their views on best practices, misperceptions and common pitfalls surrounding SOA Enterprise Application Development with WCF. ..........


MSDN Web cast - Hosting Options, COM+ Integration & P2P model:    Microsoft    [Apr 2007]

  In this session the authors of Pro WCF (Chris Peiris, Dennis Mulder, Shawn Cicoria & Amit Bahree) dive deep into implementing a SOA applications on the Microsoft platform using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF is a unified framework for the developing distributed applications. WCF enables developers to reuse existing investments in COM+ and other legacy technologies. It also enables SOA application development by utilizing all the recent WS-* standards. In this session the presenters will discuss topics such as hosting options, consuming and securing services as well as integrating with legacy (COM+) applications and data serialization by using practical examples. The session is a mix of majority of live demos and slides targeted towards technical audience ..........


Tech Ed - Managing WCF Services:    Microsoft    [Aug 2006]

  We have built Web Service to address business needs with ASMX, WSE 1.0, WSE 2.0 and WSE 3.0. However, have we addressed the “management” of these web services? How do we know whether our current production web services are running at optimum capacity? Can we track that whether unauthorized access is granted to these web services or do we have structures to prevent denial of service attacks in advance? What tools and matrix do we used to measure their success? This topic address the current issues and solutions to manage of the web services. Then we will discuss how these management issues are addressed in WCF using the following tools with code illustrations.  [Download Slides] ..........


Web Service Standards, Security & Management:    UC    [Oct 2006]

  This presentation discusses latest WS* standards. This will specifically address WS-Security standards. We will also discuss current web services management options available.   [Download Slides] ..........


Service-Oriented Enterprise Integration: Tools and Techniques:    UC    [Oct 2006]

  This presentation discusses Service Oriented Architecture and tools that implement SOA. We will briefly discuss Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Extract Load and Transfer (ELT) and Enterprise Information Integration (EII).  [Download Slides] ..........


Advance topics on Web Services:    Microsoft    [Sep 2003]

  I will travel all capital cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth) to educate Microsoft enthusiasts about the best practices of web services and the future implementations of GXA. ..........


MS Australian Partner Architect Forum:    Microsoft    [11 Mar 2003]

  This forum consists of the elite MS architects in Australia. I have been invited to participate as a guest speaker to address issues on “Developing Distributed Applications” ..........

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