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Articles on UDDI


UDDI Runtime Programming Model:    C#Today    [25 Oct 2002]

  UDDI has widely been accepted by the developer community to list and integrate XML web services. Unfortunately UDDI is still viewed as a yellow pages web service directory. This leads to the belief that UDDI can only be used at design time as a look up mechanism. The real value of UDDI lies as a runtime execution model - this concept is explored by Chris Peiris in this article. Exploring the runtime and design time implementations of UDDI. ..........


Creating ASP.NET (C#) UDDI Browser:    C#Today    [19 Mar 2002]

  [Complete Article]   [Working Model]

We will learn how to build a UDDI Browser using C#. There are UDDI Browsers built to facilitate the public UDDI nodes (e.g.. The real value of UDDI resides in B2B integration systems, therefore businesses need to set up private UDDI registries and populate them with available Web Services. Then we need to build a mechanism to extract the data out of these private UDDI nodes. ..........


UDDI Data Structures:    ASPToday    [19 Mar 2002]

  XML Web Services has been the toast of the .NET Framework, however, Web Services are not a .NET invention they were available before .NET. So why are they so popular under .NET? Because the set of tools available under Microsoft .NET Framework lets the developer build sophisticated Web Services with little difficulty. Developers are embracing Web Services at an exponential rate under the .NET framework. With this popularity increase, UDDI is emerging as the preferred mechanism to discover the Web Services. This article is aimed at advanced users familiar with UDDI. ..........

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